Mezzo Soprano
"The final Agnus Dei was luminescent as sung by contralto Vanessa Cariddi." - Berkshire Fine Arts

“Buttercup, usually plump and at the upper end of middle age — the libretto describes her that way — was played as a svelte, red-haired vamp by the mezzo-soprano Vanessa Cariddi, who sang the role with an appealing combination of warmth and comic subtlety.” - New York Times

“The mezzo-soprano Vanessa Cariddi was noble and eloquent as Hedwige, Tell’s wife.” - New York Times

“…Dorabella (sung superbly by mezzo Vanessa Cariddi)." - Tampa Bay Times

…[the} central role [of] Butterfly is beautifully supported by mezzo-soprano Vanessa Cariddi’s rich vocal and dramatic portrayal of Suzuki.” - Sarasotan Herald Tribune
"How arresting she was up close and personal.  Cariddi commands attention with both her big voice and her secure physical presence. 
A mezzo to watch.”