Mezzo Soprano
"The tilt of the head, the provocative body language, and that sonorous voice all express her defiance and dominance."

"The final Agnus Dei was luminescent as sung by contralto Vanessa Cariddi." - Berkshire Fine Arts

“Buttercup, usually plump and at the upper end of middle age — the libretto describes her that way — was played as a svelte, red-haired vamp by the mezzo-soprano Vanessa Cariddi, who sang the role with an appealing combination of warmth and comic subtlety.” - New York Times

“The mezzo-soprano Vanessa Cariddi was noble and eloquent as Hedwige, Tell’s wife.” - New York Times

“…Dorabella (sung superbly by mezzo Vanessa Cariddi)." - Tampa Bay Times

…[the} central role [of] Butterfly is beautifully supported by mezzo-soprano Vanessa Cariddi’s rich vocal and dramatic portrayal of Suzuki.” - Sarasotan Herald Tribune
"How arresting she was up close and personal.  Cariddi commands attention with both her big voice and her secure physical presence. 
A mezzo to watch.”